Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ladies who lunch! April Edition

I had the pleasure of going to Emboz new house for lunch on Tuesday! I was pretty happy to see this little stinker. I just love that cheesy little face!!
Em had to run a quick errand, so I stayed with Madi and we sat on the couch and had a little chat. She is getting SO vocal! It's hilarious! My Mom called and I had her on speaker phone, and as I told her I loved her and said goodbye Madi piped in and said BYE!!! SOOOOO CUTE!!
Apparently she was done talking in this pic. Conversation Over!
This one looks like she's really pondering something. 
Probably what trouble she can get into next!
Em and I were upstairs having a house tour, which btw their house is HUGE and fabulous! And we came downstairs to find Madi crawled up on a chair at the table, she had unwrapped a straw and STUCK IT INTO A DRINK, and was trying to abscond with her Mommy's pop. I wish I had got a picture of her face when we caught her! BUSTED! I was so impressed she knew how to take the wrapper off, well most of it, and put the straw in the lid. Girlfriend definitely knows what she wants!
She convinced Mommy to give her an Oreo Truffle :)
Me and my chocolate faced girl, who yes, is eating a (nasty) Peep.

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