Monday, April 9, 2012

Stiches and a Concussion.. Not the Easter Weekend I'd planned on..

Well I did not exactly have the Easter weekend that I had planned  upon. Thursday I fell at work and hit my head on a metal bar. By the Grace of God my Daddy was in town and picked me up and took me to the Dr where I got stitches and found out I had a concussion.
And no I will not be sharing the story of how I fell, just yet. We are still in the stage of it not being funny whatsoever.
If you ever get injured I would not recommend hitting your head. Especially the back of it. Not being able to lay on it when you are trying to sleep, no bueno. I don't even know why I went to bed Thursday and Friday nights. I can finally put a little pressure on it, but still can't sleep on the back of my head.
Thankfully by Easter Sunday I was starting to feel better and was able to go to church which I was VERY happy about! I am still upset that I missed Good Friday Service, but I was in no shape to go anywhere.
I felt very color coordinated since my stitches were blue just like my dress!!
I convinced my parents to have pictures taken outside but didn't quite plan on the weird sun on our faces, so this is really the best I got.
I, of course, still get an Easter Basket. Filled mostly with hair supplies and bath and body stuff. I was happy!
So happy that we tried another picture in different scenery in the kitchen. Livin life on the wild side folks!!

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Katy said...

oh no! I hope it feels better soon!