Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ladies who Lunch: At Dog N Suds!!!!

 Tuesday the day I had greatly anticipated finally came! Emboz and I took Baby Madi to her first trip to Dog N Suds!!! She was pretty excited to sit at the picnic table like a big girl! It was a beautiful day to sit outside!!
 Pictures with my girl before our food came!
 Love that little stinker!!
 This little girl LOVES.ROOTBEER. Our server set it down on the table and Madi immediately started yelling MINE! MINE!! MINE!! Trying to reach her tiny little arms across the table! I put the straw in and gave it to her and she started going to town on that rootbeer like she was going to die without it!
 While Madi drank her weight in Rootbeer I chowed down on Coney Dogs. I.LOVE.CONEY DOGS! But only at Dog N Suds! Their coney sauce is, mmmm.. so good and indescribable. It's almost a little sweet and the stuff that some of my dreams are made of. Before you get impressed with me taking time to pose for a picture before eating, I should say I had allready eaten a coney dog before this picture was taken. Some things just can't wait!
 Madi was also pretty enthralled with their fries. Emboz tried to clean up the food before we left and Madi grabbed as many fries as she could and stuffed them in the pocket of her bib. I thought it was hilarious! (and not a bad idea!)
She did't think it was quite as hilarious as I did however.

Emboz was driving me back to work and Madi was in her carseat with her sippy travel cup of Rootbeer :) and we hear her saying MINE! MINE! I look back and she is happily chomping away at the fries she had saved in her pocket.  Can't say I blame her. Dog N Suds knows the way to my heart as well. Here's a hint.. CONEY SAUCE!

p.s. Emboz WAS at our lunch but when I'm distracted by a cute toddler and coney dogs, apparently pictures with her fall by the wayside. She did have lipgloss on though!

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