Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

Tim Tebow at the Met Ball is my new computer background and I am not ashamed to say it!

I spend an inordinate amount of time on Craigslist every night trying to find a decent priced Queen Sized bed.

My church is now following me on Twitter and after I saw that I told Kim that I guess that meant I had to stop complaining so much on Twitter and behave myself.

I drop food on myself. I'm pretty sure this has been well documented on here. Last week we took MWS out for a surprise thank you lunch and I totally dropped a fork full of food on my chest. #canttakemeanywhere

I fell prey to the colored denim trend and bought myself a pair of pink capri's. The Jury is still out on whether they are cute on me or not. I'm 30 and not a celebrity so the odds are not so much in my favor!

I talk to myself in the grocery store. People most likely think I'm nuts, and possibly I am, but I talk to myself while I shop and look at products. I really need to stop but it's so hard! I think I do it to remind myself of what I need since every time I make a grocery list I manage to leave it 1. at home on my coffee table or 2. on my desk at work.


Jena said...

Pink Capris!! I bet they are cute on you.

I myself have recently purchased orange and I love them!!

Ashley said...

I love searching Craigslist all the time- usually for things I don't need or already have!

Beth said...

Visiting from E, Myself, and I. I don't just drop food on myself, I also drop it on my six week old son as I eat while holding him. :)

And I talk to myself frequently. I say it's the sign of an intelligent person. :)

Ashley said...

Tim Tebow is my main man. I have always been a Denver fan and when he went to them I was unsure, but then I warmed up and loved him. Sad he isn't with us anymore but I will now be a Jets fan too!!

I wanted to buy colored denim. i'm 23 and I think they don't work for me. Let me know how that goes!!

newest follower :) Love your blog title. It goes with mine! :)