Monday, May 21, 2012

Precious Memories

One of the most PRECIOUS things that happened while Snugglemuffin was here, was his new found hand holding love. We went outside to walk around and play on Friday morning and I sat him down on the grass thinking that he would take off running in the open space to go explore. I was surprised and touched when instead his little hand reached up for mine. Truth be known I had a tear in my eye. Yes, I am a sap!
I enjoyed walking all over our back yard and baseball field with his little hand holding tightly onto my index finger. It was the sweetest thing ever!
I love this picture, he is leading the way, to go see a Tractor, of course. Come on Auntie LETS GO!!!

The next day we went into town and stopped at Walmart. He didn't want to ride in the cart so we walked around Walmart holding hands. He was so proud of himself, you could tell he just thought he was big stuff walking around the store with Auntie. He waves at everyone he meets, although he hasn't quite grasped HI so he tells everyone "bah! Bah!" So cute. He sounds so southern! I think it was the most fun I have ever had at that little Walmart. Walking around holding my little buddies hand, meeting everyone that came within 35 feet.

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