Sunday, May 20, 2012

Snugglemuffin and Auntie- Reunited Again!

 Last weekend Snugglemuffin came to Indiana for a short trip and I had SO MUCH FUN with him! I missed him so much, and miss him ever more now that he is gone. We didn't do so great getting pics together, me trying to live in the moment, and him being a toddler octopus, but we did manage to snap these few!
We have assigned seats at the dinner table, and Snugglemuffins is right next to Auntie!
 Saturday we took a quick trip to town and I attempted to get a cute Backseat Buddy Picture.
 You can see how well that went! HA! love the look on his face!
 It's going to take some more practice to get him doing self portraits! Good thing I am dedicated!
 Oh, oh almost a smile!
 A small smile and of course it's blurry!!
 This would have been a great picture if he hadn't missed his naptime and been hungry and tired and just OVER.IT.
When we said goodbye. Both of us were struggling.

Awkward pictures and all I love my nephew and I'm counting down the days until I see him again!

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