Friday, June 1, 2012

Flashback Friday!

 While I was home last weekend I went thru my Mom's big photo album and scanned about 50 of my favorite pictures of me as a child! I thought I would start a little series on the ol blog of Flashback Friday Childhood pictures!! So without further ado....

 Here I am at age 2, blonde messy curls, and a messy face from eating chocolate ice cream. I am my Father's Daughter!
 This picture makes me crack up at my smile, after showing this to my friends they all said the same thing... BOY have I seen that smile before!! ha!
 Bless my heart. I was doomed from the get-go with my curls.. Bless my heart..
 Love this picture of my big brother reading to me, and me taking it very.seriously.
 Adore this picture of me playing the piano! I think i was about 1 1/2 here. Please ignore my unders showing. I'm blowing this picture up and hanging it in my Piano Studio!
This picture says it all. A true Cherrybear face! 

I found it hilarious that I have had such a spunky personality from apparently the moment I was born! And here I thought I was a quiet child.

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