Thursday, July 26, 2012


After a serious post we're back to fluff!! I have discovered that I can set my camera on my baker's rack and take a full length picture of myself in the morning. So now you all will be regaled with ootd when I actually have something cute on. Which is close to never, so don't get too excited! 

Above is this week's Pink Weds. I need a different cardi with my dress but that is the only white one I have.
I have never been the girl to be obsessed with jewelry or accessories, well I like purses, but I'm lucky to put jewelry on. I own it, I just don't think about it when I'm racing thru my morning routine. However, that being said, I absolutely LOVE this necklace! So much that I wore it two days in a row! I joke that I feel like I've made it in the blog world now that I have one of the knockoff necklaces that everyone is wearing. 
Isn't it such a pretty necklace? and with my background of my beautiful new curtains I purchased. Although are they curtains or drapes since they are long??

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