Monday, July 23, 2012

Apes and Cherrybear Reunited Again!

Friday night Sherita and I met up with Apes in Champaign, IL for what is now our annual "date" at Olive Garden. I made the misfortune of drinking not a venti but the bigger sized drink at Starbucks before I hit the road for IL. Not my best choice. However I will say that the Very Berry Hibiscus is a very yummy drink! 

Anywho, I was happy to arrive at Olive Garden and even Happier to see my Apes and if possible even happier than that to eat! I had a very light lunch that day in preparation of our date and I was STARVING, or so it felt like when we arrived.

I wish my top hadn't been moved to the side in these pics, it really was a cute top! Anywho I had the Portabello Di Ravioli or something like that and it was beyond yummy! For the first time I think I cleared my plate at OG. That never happens! But like I said, I was STARVING!

We had a great dinner there and then moved to Barnes and Noble where Apes and Sherita showed me that I am a Winter and a Cool color on the color wheel. I am still not entirely sure what that means as they book they were showing me was from the 1980's and none of the ladies in it look like real life people today, but I digress!!

We finally arrived back home after 12:30 am. I didn't hit bed until after 1 am. Needless to say I spent most of Saturday sleeping. This poor 30 year old body just can't handle the late nights like I once used to! It was well worth it though to spend some wonderful time with my April! I am very happy we discovered this half way point for both of us!

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