Friday, July 20, 2012

My Caca is coming to Indiana!!

 Caca and I at the Tipp. County Fair-Her First Fair! 2007
 Ed and Miranda's Wedding 2007
 Ed and Miranda's Wedding 2007, mercy was my dress low cut!
 Visiting Caca at PCC, 2004
 When I was a student at PCC and Caca and I were suitemates! 2002-03
 Picking Caca up at the airport in Indy, Christmas Break 2003
 Caca and I at the Movies Christmas Break 2003
 At Kim's Condo in Pensacola, 2004
 Christmas Break 2003
 Going Tanning, 2003
 Visiting my friends, 2004/05??
 On the phone with Kim! 2004/05?
 Attempting a self portrait. didn't go so well! 2007
 Ed and Miranda's Wedding 2007
 My Visit to NC 2010
 Pro's at the Car Self Portrait! NC 2010
Pensacola Beach, Us as PCC students 2003!

So you may wonder why I chose to share bazillions of pictures of me and Caca over the years. Well my bloggy friends, this is just a preview of what is to come! Because, drumroll please! Caca is coming to Indiana to be my roomie for awhile!

If you'll remember her Hubs is in the military and will be away for a little bit, so she needed someone to stay with and I am that lucky person! I practically begged her, It was sad. But I am SO excited for her to come visit and stay with me for awhile! 

It will be different having someone living with me again, as I have been on my own since College, BUT we were suite mates in college and lived well together there and I figure if we can survive PCC I think we'll be just fine in a two bedroom townhouse :) She is coming in mid August and I can't wait to show her around town (although she has been here multiple times) and to my new place, and meet all of my friends! So stay tuned for more picture overload, we are pro's and she is a willing subject!!!!

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