Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Townhouse Tour- The Living Room(Before)

 Well here we are at My Living Room! I've entitled this as Before because there are many things I want to do to it! One of them being new curtains, which I'm ordering this weekend and SUPER excited about! I'm also waiting to get a coffee table and new sofa and a loveseat, so what you see here is temporary. The above picture is what you see when you walk inside my door and turn your head right! My Bakers rack which holds my purse and my keys, and a few random things that I haven't figured out where to store.
 This is the big shot of my living room as you're standing in the doorway.
 The stairs to upstairs where my bedroom, master bath and spare room/office are. These are immediately inside the door.
 Here you can see the stair rail, and my tv armoire and part of my living room. The black chair is actually used for my Piano lessons, so it's only there when I'm not teaching.
Here's a look at my windows that will soon be covered by some super spiffy curtains!!!
 Bakers rack and front door. And my goldfish crackers that I forgot to take to work. dangit.

 Sofa and overstuffed chair.
 Side shot of my tv armoire and my quilt rack. I really want the quilt in the middle to be displayed but it hangs too long, to have it on the front :(
 My little set up. I don't have a coffee table yet so the ottoman from my black chair serves as a makeshift coffee table and laptop holder. Fancy, I know.
 My armoire open. Yes I was watching Desperate Housewives!
 And closed! I really wanted an armoire so I could close it and have everything look nice and clean. Since I now teach at home, I wanted it to be easy to look put together. 
 The closed door you see is my massive downstairs coat closet, which has a few boxes from the move inside :) The sliding doors next to that are where my Washer/Dryer reside. Opposite of that is a small hallway that leads the downstairs half bath.
 Of  course I always have to have my "Caca Corner" Pictures of Caca's wedding and my last trip to see her! Soon there will be more pictures to add to this!!
Misc Baker's rack again. I hung up a mirror by my door so I could check myself before I went out and slap some lipstick on. Somewhere along the way I have become a lipstick lover, don't ask me when or how!

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