Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Freedom Party!

So I'm sitting on my couch with my box fan on medium and I can still hear my neighbor Derrick's music thumping thru the walls. And since he isn't answering his door for me to tell him to TURN DOWN YOUR MUSIC!!!!! I have to distract myself. So congrats! You're getting a blog from me!

 Friday night three of my closest friends and I met up at Texas Roadhouse for my aptly named-Freedom Party! It was my last day at work and I was ready to celebrate!! Audie was ready to have peanuts as you can see. We realized the last time we were both there was last year when we celebrated Apes last day at work! I told Audie she is next :)
 Sweet, Sweet Audie brought me a gift! I swear she is southern! She always has a sweet gift or a really thoughtful gesture to celebrate any of life's moments. I cherish her friendship and hope her sweetness and thoughtfulness rubs off on me!
 I LOVE this!!!! I was working on my policies and emailed her a copy for her to proof it, and it happened to of course have my logo on it. Sneaky girl saved it and created this cute little picture for my shelf! So sweet!!!!!
 I just love that gal!!!
 Caca, Emboz, Audie and I. And yes I am well aware that I look like Casper. I knew I was pale, but dang. I am WHITE!!!
 Sweet friends. Who are also short. Way shorter than me if you can't tell.
Again. Teensy friends.

I was so honored they came to celebrate this milestone and new chapter in my life! I am blessed to have such wonderful, Godly gals as my friends!

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