Friday, August 31, 2012

Ladies who Lunch: August Edition!

Today we had our monthly Ladies who lunch, and this time I hosted at my new house! Since I have Friday's off it was great to eat in a home and have Madi be able to run around and play and not be confined in a restaurant high chair. I think she enjoyed herself! I picked them up since their vehicle was being worked on. Madi wasn't quite sure about Auntie Cherry driving.
She was excited to be at my house though!! Since I have no table (Piano studio is in the dining room) she used my bench as her table. She wasn't to thrilled with eating though. But she had fun running around and playing!
She really had fun with Benjamin's CAT truck! Although she had a slightly different way of riding on it. And like Benjamin she LOVED the buttons that made honking noises and the start up noise.
Me and my girl! Love her! I discovered that Madi knows how to open Nail Polish. She painted some of her hair, forehead, and arm with a sparkly magenta polish. Apparently Auntie Cherry needs to learn how to Madi proof a littttle bit better!!
 hahah you can see some of the nail polish on her head here. She was really sleepy by this point. We should probably only attempt self portraits when I am sitting. The height difference didn't work out too well for us :)
I dropped them off safe and sound back home and headed to get gas! I wanted to get a picture of my eyes today as they were super blue but this is the best I've got!

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