Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mid Week Confessions

I bought some glasses online and realized I needed them fit to my ears because they kept sliding down my nose like a little old lady. I decided to take them to Sears, where I had purchased glasses the year before, in hopes they wouldn't realize they weren't Sears glasses. All was well on the first visit. However I needed them tightened just a bit behind my ears so I went back a second time and the Dr was working. I gave him my glasses and he looked at them and I could just tell. He asked me if I had bought them online.

I cannot lie to save my life. So my eyes go up and to the far right corner of the ceiling and I say in a very high pitched trying for innocent voice "maaaaayyyyyyybbbeee??" He laughed and told me it was ok, he was just curious about the quality of them and how if any they differed from store bought ones.

So we talked about that and he said you don't remember do you? I said remember what? He said you were here last year and we had a whole conversation about glasses bought online, I remembered you and that's why I was curious how the quality was. I was flabbergasted that he not only remembered that conversation (which I barely did!) but he remembered me! So I said, wow! how did you remember me??! He looks at me and gestures to my head. "it was the hair. You have ALOT of REALLY CURLY HAIR!!'

Thanks Mom and Dad for your massive curly hair genetics.

Before I went to lunch today I was in the bathroom and as I sat down I realized there was a blue laser light pulsing on the stall door. My neck snapped up to the ceiling and all around the stall trying to figure out who was spying on me and where the light was coming from. 

I looked down and realized that the cool light up pen I had found while cleaning and had stuck in my pocket had turned itself on.

Brilliant I am not.

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