Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nerd Alert

So I decided to get some new pairs of glasses. I ordered them online from and I am really happy with them! Despite having some issues measuring my own face to see how far apart my pupils are- seriously try it. it is DIFFICULT to measure one's own face. I will say though I did not know the glasses pictured above were going to be quite so large.. and nerdy.. but whatever. I feel like a nerd when I have my glasses on anyway so I suppose I should fully embrace my nerdy-ness! please excuse the total lack of makeup, it was bedtime people.
Nerdy-ness aside I really like these glasses! I took them both to Sears to be adjusted (only downside of buying glasses online) and they now both fit perfectly and are very comfortable.  I'm just happy now I can see better on the weekend when I bum around without my contacts in. 

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