Friday, September 21, 2012

My Week

Well I've had an interesting week to say the least. Let me just tell you a little story. Last week Katie Marie and I went to Emboz's for a Jewelry Party. While we were there I had this fabulous dessert that Emboz called "Crack". It was chocolate toffee and super easy to make!

Audie moved last weekend and I had planned to take her over dinner Monday night and in preparation for that I made a test batch of Crack on Saturday night. Well it turned out VERY WELL. And was super yummy. So yummy that at 10:30 Saturday night while I was in bed trying to sleep for church the next morning, all  could think about was this dessert! So I thought I would get out of bed and go downstairs and have a little piece and then maybe  I could sleep.

So I got out of bed and went to go downstairs. I got about 3 steps down and lost my footing, I'm still not really sure what happened. What I do know is that one minute I was standing up and the next minute I had fallen and was continuing to fall down my stairs. I was holding onto the railing but not enough to stop me. I landed about 2 steps from the bottom of the stairs.

Long, pathetic story short, I broke my tailbone. And boy oh boy does it hurt! I'm very thankful that this was my off week for my bi weekly students, Tuesday I only have 2 students so I didn't have to sit for a long period of time. Weds at work was brutal. And I only work 4 hours on Weds. Going to Olive Garden with Muy Caliente afterwards was even more brutal. I had to make myself not cry when I stood up. The fact that I have no pictures of our lunch should tell you how much pain I am in.

So it's been an interesting week needless to say. I took the Crack into work and everyone went nuts over it. After they got a bite of it they all suddenly realized WHY i got out of bed to go get some. ha. 

And yes this is the second time i've seriously injured myself this year. Yes I am apparently the world's biggest klutz. Even I have to shake my head at myself. 

I'm contemplating buying myself a life alert necklace but i'm pretty sure i would accidentally strangle myself with it.

My Tuesday afternoon consisted of my windows being open for the beautiful cooler air, and watching CMA on Hulu.

I learned the hard way that it's very painful to sleep in my bed with my broken tailbone so I have started sleeping on my couch. I don't have to roll over, which about brings me to tears in bed, and it's easier to get out of. I am so thankful that Audra sold her comfy plush couches to me! They have been SUCH a blessing!

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