Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Snugglemuffin & Auntie Chewy's Adventures

I've been putting off blogging about Snugglemuffin's visit because it is SO HARD to narrow down which pictures to post! I think all of them are adorable. As you can tell with this 16 picture post!! Above we have Snugglemuffin's first time seeing Auntie's new place! I think he approved. He also approved of Auntie having Bob the Builder on he Hulu.
 Eventually he decided that he might like to sit by Auntie and watch Bob. Also, Teething much???
 I love these two pictures! I love his joyful caught up in the silliness giggles above
 And I adore this. Finally a precious picture of us, doing what I love to do! Kissing his schmoopy cheeks!!! I could do it all day long!!!!
 The next day we went to Igloo!!! He was less than impressed with the ice cream (Prolly since his Mommy got pumpkin. YUCK!!) But he was smartly eyeballing my Vanilla Marshmallow Coke. Alas I did not share. I love his sweet little half smile.
 Rare to get a grin like this in a picture with him! He thought he was pretty big stuff getting to sit by Auntie!
 We chatted a bit on the drive back to Auntie's house. Well he did. I listened.
 This picture cracks me up! He is such a funny FUNNY little guy!!
 This is pretty much how we spent Saturday. Looking out the window at Baa's Mower (thanks again for parking that where he could see it Baa.) and the conversation went like this. "mower.mower.mower.mower.mower.baa.baa.ride. mower. baa. ride. mower" I have to say though I was impressed at how patient he was, even if we heard the word Mower 7890790708 times in several hours. We told him after he ate his dinner all gone and took his nap he would get to ride on the mower with Baa. And he was a good boy and did both! Baa was delayed getting back, so Snugglemuffin had to wait for several hours. He never pitched a fit or a tantrum. I was so proud of him!
 We tried to distract him with my Rocking Horse, and he decided both the cows needed to go for a ride as well.
 It's hard to fit two cows and a snugglemuffin on a horsie sometimes... :)
 We also had snacks!!!
 He takes food very seriously. That's my nephew!!!
 the funny part was when we were cooking dinner and i ate some of his cheese puffs he has discarded. He wasn't too sure that he appreciated that. ha!
 Finally the moment he had waited for. Mower.
And a table buddies picture!!!!!!! 

I was so happy to get to spend time with them, and my precious buddy. He is so funny and such a good boy. My brother and sil are doing an excellent job of raising him for the Lord and teaching him right and wrong. I pray for his salvation at an early age, and I was really touched to see that he has a sensitive little heart. Friday night he was playing with Baa and my foam swords and Baa pretended to be hurt. Snugglemuffin was almost beside himself at the thought of Baa being hurt. I felt bad for the little guy but it was neat to see how God is working on his heart already and making him a kind little boy.

And then Saturday night before the last picture was taken, he almost flipped his high chair, Liz and I both caught it at the same time and exclaimed his name. I don't even think we said NO, and he looked like he was mortified and going to cry his eyes out. His little chin started quivering (bless his heart he got that from me) It's just good to see that he is listening and he is caring. Such a sweet little buddy I have!

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