Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Townhouse Tour: The LIving Room- Getting Closer!

This is going to be picture overload but people have been wanting an update on my living room! It's not quite finished but it's much closer than it was when I moved in! Above is the view when you walk in the front door. As you can see I HAVE NEW COUCHES!! I was so excited to get rid of my old country style and get some nice suede microfiber neutral couches! and they are soooo comfy!!
 I still need some more lighting in my living room. Working on that.
 I am most excited about what I did tonight! Being a Piano Teacher I have lots of kids in and out of my house, waiting on their siblings, ect. I got the great idea to use an old end table and make a kid friendly play station in an empty corner of my living room!
I was pretty proud of myself! Snuggelmuffin is donating the use of his CAT truck to all the little boys and girls.  And let me tell you, it's gotten some use out of it in the past few weeks!
 I loaded it up with lots of goodies I have had from babysitting, ect..
 On the bottom shelf are books. Most of all which I read as a child!!! On the top we have coloring books, and construction paper and sketch pads. Along with crans, colored pencils, and two kinds of WASHABLE markers! (I may not have kids but i'm not stupid!) My infamous foam swords made the cut, as well as a mini etch a sketch, a fuzzy ball (which should really go in the dump truck with the rest of the balls) some pom poms and a Purdue Bear. I was so proud of myself! I can't wait to see what the kids think!
 Sorry, back to the tour. Here we have the loveseat and Artwork courtesy of the Great Katie Marie, and a clock, because I like to know what time it is. At all times. HA!
 Here is a shot from standing in the doorway as pictured in the previous picture.
 My new gloriously comfy sofa! I have plans for a big artwork piece behind the sofa, so stay tuned!
 Shot with the tv armoire
 I'm also looking for a new coffee table. I do not like mine. Hoping to find a dark wood one. I'm thinking of checking out the surplus and salvage place here in town!

 And a long shot. because I love them.
 As you can see this area is struggling a bit.
Final shot! Props to you if you actually made it thru the whole post!!

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LizzieB said...

Love your new couches! Very pretty!