Sunday, September 2, 2012


I just think this is genius and so awesome! I've had this problem of using up my powder but yet still having "The Ring" as I call it. I began to wonder if I could somehow recycle it and use the rest. With a little bit of googling I discovered YES I can!! It's really easy too! 

Just take a butter knife and lightly touch the powder and cut it up into well, powder!!!! Do it for each of your compacts and then pour all of the powder into one compact. Pat it down with the knife until it's packed solid and then take a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol and pour it on. I used just the cap and that was enough for me. You want it all to be wet but you don't want it to be liquid. Pat it down again with the knife and let it dry open for 4 hours and VOILA!! More Powder! It looks kind of funky in the compact but trust me it goes on and covers just the same! I did this with 4 compacts this week and got TWO FULL compacts back! I was so happy! I use BeautiControl Powder and while it's good stuff it's more than the drugstore brand, so imagine my excitement when I realized I could get all of my money's worth out of it and then some. And again, it was SUPER EASY!!

It's a very rainy Labor Day weekend here in the Midwest. Isaac is hitting us and i have to say I'm a little disappointed. I thought there was going to be more thunder and storms, and while it's raining it's still light outside half the time. Totally kills the rainy day gloomy-ness that I like!

I just ordered my bedding online from Macy's thanks to their two day sale! I'm excited that my bedroom will finally be finished and even more excited at the deal I got! Pays to be patient!

Tomorrow I am sleeping in, duh, teaching a Piano lesson at 3:45 and then heading to the Boz house for a cookout with the whole family! I'm excited! (how many times can I say that in one blog post?) The Boz are like my other family, as evidenced that this is the second holiday in a row that I'm spending with them. What can I say? They are good peeps. I'm kind of a fan!

And now I hear the timer in the kitchen dinging that my Chocolate Death brownies are done for tomorrow!

Happy Labor Day!

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