Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekly Phone Dump

So this is what I walked into when I came into my office Weds morning. Not gonna lie, I yelped a little bit. I have since become friends with Freida and Estelle. We took them to a job fair and I got some mighty strange looks as I carried them inside.

Tuesday was my 12 Piano Student day and the entire day I was on pins and needles waiting for the UPS man to arrive and bring me this! Now that I work somewhere pt where I need to look ahem decent? like a grown up? stylish! I figured it was time to learn how to wear eye shadow. This was greatly recommended  so I got over the price and bought it and watched some youtube tutorials on how to apply the shades!  It must have half way worked as two of our stylists complimented me on my eyes Weds!

 I found myself a harvest-y door decoration. So I had to pose with it. Actually I was waiting on one of the previously mentioned 12 students and took a picture of myself.

Last but not least, my outfit for the job fair Weds! We had a great time and had some super yummy food in the "Hospitality Suite" I felt so special!

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