Monday, October 1, 2012

Just a normal Monday.....

 We had a bit of excitement at work on Monday. I was back in my hole, which is what I call my office, when  I happened to see a news alert about a vehicle going into a pond. Lo and behold the location was right by our building. I hadn't heard any sirens, as I can't hear the outside world from my hole, so I wandered up front.
 My boss and I decided to go check it out. Along with 100+ other people. Still not sure how this person got into the pond...... But two guys eating at steak and shake had to jump into the water and break his window with a crow bar to pull him out and rescue him!!!
 We showed up right as the ambulence was leaving. But the best part was yet to come. that truck had to come out of the water somehow!!! Now I will say I was not thinking Jim's Garage was going to pull this off but I was impressed! Jim's Garage is no joke!!! The little tiny thing in the middle of the picture above. that's the submerged truck.
 And here it comes out of the water! WLFI is filming it close up as you can see.
 And out it went! Again, Jim's Garage.. no joke!!
Here we have Mr Scuba Man with his arm on one of the rescuer's. The rescuer dude actually stood by us watching them get the truck out so we got to hear the first hand recount which was pretty cool.

We still have no clue how you can be driving by Meijer one second and in the pond the next. We're looking forward to more answers on the news tonight and hopefully seeing ourselves! Yes, it doesn't take much for us!!

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