Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Midweek Randoms

  • It's crazy but on Wednesdays my weeks are almost done. I love LOVE having Friday's off!
  • Finally found a suitable black dress to wear to the VIP party for my work. We have two VIP nights the two days after we get back from Vegas. I know. I'm going to be exhausted! The second one I allready have my outfit for, I'm a Model. I know. It makes me laugh too!
  • I have recently found mad love for Gordman's. I found the lamps there I want for my living room and just the other nigh I picked up the mirror that I am going to have my monogram put on to hang in my living room.
  • Last night I scored a 15.00 new to me coffee table off of craigslist. I really like it! I hated my old white one. ugh.
  • I'm finding alot of fun in decorating my house. 
  • Wish I found as much fun in keeping my kitchen spic and span!
  • I keep thinking I need to buy a winter wardrobe and then I realize I only wear dress clothes 2 1/2 days a week. SCORE!!
  • I got my first facial yesterday at work and I am HOOKED!! It was fabulous, simply fabulous! I will definitely be doing this on a regular basis and i think my skin thanks me!
  • I'm also hooked on Sephora. I am officially a Sephora Junkie as Kelly calls it! I got a package today and will get one tomorrow.
  • I have also now met my mailman.
  • I'm going to be Minnie Mouse for halloween! We dress UP at work!! Excited as all I had to buy was the ears.
  • I really need to start Christmas shopping. I have one present. For Snuggelmuffin of course!

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