Saturday, October 13, 2012

My date with Madi

 Friday I got to have a date with Miss Madi while her Mommy finished some projects up for their trip!
 Madi found my bear and immediately said night night and ran to her bag to get a paci for him. So sweet. She couldn't figure out why the paci wouldn't go into his mouth. ha.
 Auntie Cherry I like Casting Crowns but why is there no picture?
 Ecstatic that I let her play with my phone. She quickly realized it was not her mommy's cool iphone.
 We played hide and seek!
 And watched Bob the Builder while we had a snack.
 She called Aunt Bunny and had a chat.
 So cute, she loves looking at pictures of Snugglemuffin. The background on my phone is him, and i have two pictures of him in my living room that she quickly found and would sit looking at him and running her finger on the picture.
 We also played the Piano! Start them young!!
Future Student at Music of the Heart!

The cutest thing happened. I was pretending to sleep with my stuffed cow on the couch and Madi just thought that was HILARIOUS. So I did it again. I kept my eyes closed to see what she would do and I hear her say "Cherry. Sleep. Cow. SHHHHHHH!!!!!" she did it again and I cracked my eye open to see that she was talking to Bob the Builder on tv telling him to SHHHHHH  because I was sleeping. It was so precious and so sweet! I just love that little lady!

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