Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vegas BABY!!!

 Let's be honest, it's a rare moment when I feel like I'm really looking stylish and put together. Minus the nerd glasses this actually happened on Thursday! I was just proud of myself for having a necklace AND earrings on.
I couldn't figure out how to get a full length picture with my feet and legs in my office.  But isn't the paint on my walls pretty?! I love having an office now and I love that it's a bright, pretty blue. It's very cheerful and makes me feel like I'm at the beach!

The point of this post is two fold, I have exciting news!
I'm going to Vegas! For work! I know, my life is SWEET!!!!!!!

We're going to a conference at the end of November, first week of December and will be there for 5 days! I'm really super excited!!!!!

My boss and I have been brainstorming about our outfits and what we're going to wear, I mean, HELLO that is the most important part! We decided that this outfit will be one of my conference outfits! Day 2 I think. 

I've been trying to plan out my other days and I think i'm getting close to deciding what I want to take with me. It was 50 days to Vegas as of last Thursday so we don't have tons of time and we all know I am a planner.

The next goal is to find a suitable dress/outfit to wear to Cirque De Solei. Our owner's daughter actually works for them so we have tickets! Again, MY LIFE ROCKS!!!!!!!

So if you have any ideas or tips on how a good Baptist girl can have clean fun in Vegas while working, comment away!!!!

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