Sunday, November 25, 2012

a list

  • I cannot, CANNOT believe we leave for Vegas in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!! At this time next week I'll still be in Vegas!!
  • I also can't believe that Christmas will be so close after we get back!
  • I'm still not done Christmas shopping. I usually am by this point! The two people I need to start/finish are my Dad and my Snugglemuffin.
  • I'm loving my new laptop, even though I'm still adjusting to the keyboard. Typing things is taking alot longer. Its really nice to not have it freeze up all the time though!
  • It's almost officially winter, as the flannel sheets are out and about to be put on my bed. Now if i could just find my coat.....
  • I set up Skype on my Dad's laptop and freaked him out last night calling him at 9:30. muahahaah it's the little things!
  • Speaking of Skype we got to Skype with my nephew yesterday, he is so stinkin cute! and he's still calling me "Chewy" :)
  • I am finally getting caught up on my sleep after being up until 2 am for Black Friday. I certainly don't bounce back like I did in HS when we would stay up all night for WOL Superbowl in Indy/
  • Thanksgiving morning apparently the fire alarms went off in my parents house. I slept thru them. Amusing since the same thing happened at PCC my last year.
  • This is turning into the most boring, random blog post ever. But at least I'm blogging!!


Alana said...

How long are you in vegas? I am going down on Dec 5th. ;)

Charity said...

We leave the 4'th! Man we will just miss you!!! :(

Alana said...

bummer! :(