Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

 Ok so the first picture was me heading home for Thanksgiving, had to throw it in here! I was pretty happy!
 So Thanksgiving night my Mom talked me and Grams into going into Rensselaer for Walmart's Black Friday Thursday night specials. It. was.a.nightmare. I have never seen a store fail like that before. We and the people we stood in line with are all complaining about it. If Walmart doesn't step up you'd better believe I will blog in great detail about that horrific 3 hours I spent standing in line.
 Grams and I wanted laptops. Brilliant people that Rensselaer Walmart are, they had 6. That's right 6. 6 Laptops for their biggest shopping day of the year. So we had to buy the 100 more expensive one which did not make us very happy. But by that point it was too late to drive the hour to Lafayette to get their deals, as theirs would have been gone all ready.
 We didn't get home until after 1 am. And we got there at 9:45. That should tell you something. All we did was stand in line. My feet hurt SO BAD after we got home. Mom tried to rest on her sweeper that she got, alas some very bored very annoyed daughter of hers was taking pictures trying to entertain herself.
 We were 12 feet away from the check out, with over 300+ people behind us. The idiots there at Walmart did not have lines it was chaos. Mass chaos. In fact I never saw any workers other than the ones at the check outs.  So our line had over 300+ people in it, and wrapped the length of the store and then back up again. We were to go thru ONE, yes ONE, check out line, as people back straight behind the check out lanes were going through the other ones. Again no official lines, no walmart workers. We stood 12 feet away from the check out for almost 2 hours. Pathetic. We were in horrible moods by the time we left.
We ran into my Uncle and his wife and let them in our line, cuz we rock like that, and he also had a cart, which we didn't have. So we piled our stuff on his cart and Grams and Susie laid on it. If I could have fit before I totally would have laid down. It was fun running into them though, gave us someone to talk to for 2 hours. All in all though it was horrible. Nightmare experience. If I had known that Walmart was basically going to have no plan and no employees I would have stayed home. It really ruined our Thanksgiving night. Epic Fail Rensselaer Walmart. EPIC FAIL.

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