Thursday, November 15, 2012

Teeth Whitening!

I had to go to our West side Salon today for something, so I scheduled a teeth whitening appointment while I was there! It took an hour- i did three 20 minute sessions, and I thought I had AMAZING results! Above is a picture of me before. You can see my teeth were kind of yellowish and not very bright!
 And here we are afterwards!!!! And yes apparently I have a crooked lip on the bottom.
 Sparkling white teeth!! I've always liked my smile but I like it even more now!

 Look at those gleaming pearly WHITES!!!!
I was sooo pleased with my results! For an hour and 39.99 man you CANNOT beat that! Not to mention it was super easy, I got to sit in a rocking chair with an ottoman and I'll admit, I think I dozed off during it! It was relaxing! If you haven't tried our Whitening system you TOTALLY have to!!


Julius Ainsworth said...

Now, you can flash that radiant smile of yours to everyone, Charity. Having a pearly white set of teeth is something people should be proud of. It is a sign of good dental hygiene and oral health. But be sure to maintain that pearly white teeth by eating the right food and brushing and flossing your teeth every day. [Julius Ainsworth]

Eduardo Tomlin said...

That’s what white and healthy teeth can bring – CONFIDENCE! I used to have problems with my teeth too, and after going through several sessions of teeth whitening, I’m now more comfortable with my teeth and I can smile without hesitation. Continue doing what is best for your teeth, and you’ll surely maintain its good condition.

-Eduardo Tomlin