Monday, November 5, 2012

The Townhouse Tour: Living Room Updated!

Well I have been hard at work redecorating my living room and it's finally starting to come together!! You might notice two very big changes in the above picture. I got a new to me coffee table and a monogrammed mirror!!
I also changed up the kid's section of my "waiting room" as I call it. And got a bookshelf where I could put the books, coloring books, toys, ect on. Much cleaner looking! Mom also brought some of my old dolls from home! It's been so weird/funny to see kids playing with the toys that I did when I was a little girl!
I also moved the Baker's rack from right by the door into my kitchen. It was just too cramped. I put up this shelf with some seasonal decorations, as well as my keys, and lipstick for when i head out the door. As well as a small mirror so I can check myself before I head out!
This will have a post all of it's own soon, but I made my own Pictorial Family Tree stairway! I love it!! I still have to blow up my Grandparents wedding picture into an 8x10 and put it in the bare spot you see above, and then it's finished! It turned out better than I had expected!
I put some pumpkin lights on the stairs and then decorated the top of my armoire with some fall things!
Closer look
I found these cute scarecrow people at Target in the dollar spot! Holla!!
Side view of my mirror and new coffee table!!
Another view. I LOVE my living room! I definitely spend the most time in it!!
My coffee table. I still can't believe I scored this for 15 bucks on Craigslist! Mom is going to cut a board for the bottom so I can have some shelves underneath!
How awesome did my monogram turn out??!! The great Bryna actually FREEHANDED it, because her cricut with the font was broke! I'm amazed at her talent!!
Another long shot as if I didn't have enough!
Shot with the kids area.
And of course my beautiful curtains!!!! I think I might like to get some sort of sconces for around the mirror, not sure. And I want something to hang on the wall behind the kids area but not sure what? I have two lamps at Gordman's that are on my Christmas wish list- they perfectly match the blue of my curtains! So stay tuned! Slowly but surely it's coming together and I love it!

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