Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treating with Madi!

Wednesday night I was so excited to take Miss Madi Trick or Treating with Aunt Beans! We had such a good time! Madi was soooo adorable as a little doggie! She would woof on command! She wasn't too sure at first but then she really liked it! I carried her for most of the time and she was just talking away, and randomly would start singing and then clapping her hands! It was BEYOND precious! Love that girl!

 She wasn't too sure about Auntie Cherry's wagon driving. I apparently need more practice.
 At the beginning of trick or treating.

She didn't catch on right away that she was getting more candy. She got the first candy and dove in for it to eat it. Please see later pictures for chocolate face. I think she thought after that we were done! She was happy with her two pieces of chocolate! After a few more houses she caught up that we were going to several and when we'd start to walk up to a house she'd say CAAANNNDDDYYYY! in her excited little voice. again. precious!
 Eating her one piece of candy.
 I mean seriously. No girl child on earth is cuter than this little sweetie!!!!
 Getting ready to ride back home. She was having a great time but it was cold outside, and her little legs were freezing. I was carrying her and she cuddled up to my shoulder and was saying "Sleepy. Sleepy. Sleepy Cherry!!" Bless her heart! So we took sleepy girl home.
 Beans covered her up with her coat to try and warm her up on the walk home.

I just love this little girl and this family so much! Blessed to get to be a part of her life!

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