Thursday, December 20, 2012


This is a very hard post to write. In some aspects I am speechless, trying to wrap my head around what has happened.

This morning I found out that one of my dear friends from college, Erin Colby Jasunas, passed away.

People you went to college with aren't supposed to pass away when they aren't yet 30.

The week after Thanksgiving Erin woke up unable to breathe and was taken to the Hospital, put in a medically induced coma, and put on a ventilator to breathe for her. 

In the weeks since then those of us who love her, and even those who don't know her have prayed for her healing.

We found out that she had severe Lung Disease and needed a Lung Transplant. She was moved to the top of the list but her body was just too sick and too weak.

This week she developed a staph infection and pneumonia.

We kept praying.

Early this morning Erin woke up in Heaven with our Savior.

I have tears in my eyes just typing that.

I know that she is feeling no pain, and is finally feeling relief from the health issues that have plagued her for years. She is dancing on the streets of gold, worshiping our Savior.

Even though we rejoice for her, we are desperately sad for ourselves

Erin posted this as her last status update mere days before she was taken to the hospital.

Her faith in Christ was HUGE. Despite her struggles and setbacks she held firm to him. 

To think that I will never see her smile that could literally light up whatever room she was in. Seriously, our Erin had the most BEAUTIFUL smile. If you were feeling down, and believe me, there were alot of moments in College together when I was feeling down! (Sophomore Music Theory anyone??) One smile from Erin had you smiling back whether you realized it or not. She was one of those people where you were just better being around her. Life was sweeter, the air was purer, she was one of those special people who you hope to meet, and once you do, you always want to be around her.

Now to think that I won't get that privilege to talk to her again until we meet in Heaven is heartbreaking.

Two days before she went in to the hospital we had chatted on facebook and joked around. It was the last conversation we would ever have on this side of heaven.

Since we went to PCC in the olden days so to speak, :) most of our pictures are on film, but I was able to find our last picture together taken at our dear friends Wedding. I remember how excited I was to find out that Erin was going to be at the wedding. I hadn't seen her in a few years, and was over the moon excited about hanging out with her again.

I really wish I had flowery words to say, to help ease the pain that her family and her husband Kyle are feeling. I wish I had words to convey what an amazing AMAZING woman she was. All I can say is that our Erin is gone. And I am so very sad. I'm sad for us here on earth without her, but I'm not sad for my Erin. She is dancing on the streets of gold with our Savior, free from this earthly world that is not our home. Indeed she is finally home in heaven. (And most likely redecorating the place and adding bling to the Choir Robes)
And that is beyond words awesome. But right now, right now I just miss my friend.

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Jordy Liz said...

So sorry to hear this, friend. Praying for peace and comfort for her friends and family this season.