Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas! Part 1

I realized that I forgot to take ANY pictures of my decorated townhouse! Yikes! It looked nice, although I think I need more decorations since I have a bigger place now! I snapped this picture of my tree and presents right before I loaded them up to head home to the farm.
 Here I am all loaded up!!! I was so proud of myself that I made it home in time for Sunday dinner! Except I had neglected to mention that fact to my parents! Whoops!!
 Christmas Morning Photo shoot! Thanks to whoever created self timers! I didn't have to wait for Grams to get here to humor me and take my picture! Instead I clicked to my hearts desire while everyone got ready.
 My favorite part about Christmas is Dad reading the Christmas story. The funniest thing about Christmas is that every year we do not end the story with Jesus still a baby. I love that my Dad loves to read the Bible so much that he gets REALLY into it. One year we made it almost to Romans. You think I am kidding. I am not. This year we only stopped because Mom and I were laughing hysterically and saying I wonder when he's going to notice??!! 30+ years and it never gets old. He would read to Revelations if we let him!

The second favorite part is after we read the story of why we celebrate. We pray. Over the years it has turned into a Year in Review prayer, so to speak. We pray over the low moments and Praise God for getting us through them and being our rock, and then we pray over the high moments and the blessings he has given us, and then we pray over the year to come. Its a really special moment to me.
 My parents. Over 36 years of marriage and they are still in love! I love this picture of my Mom smiling at him!
 Me and my stocking. Proud to say I still have the biggest one! My brother HATED that when we were younger!! muahahahah
 Mom was so excited to get this mini tool set. She informs me that she has small hands and it's hard to hold a full sized hammer. She named her little hammer Stubby. I cannot make this up. And people wonder where i get it from..
 Opening presents usually takes awhile because we get into what we have opened, i.e. have to read and investigate it. Here is Grams reading her new Benjamin Brag Book!
 I was stuck. 
 More photo shoot!! This was while Mom was fixing dinner. A girls got to entertain herself!
 I like this picture.
 And this one too.:)
I asked my Mom to give me a bang braid. She has not braided my hair since i was 16/17 and got it cut from my waist to my shoulders. She did a really good job though! What she doesn't know is that I'm going to have her braid them everyday so I can look cute in pictures with Benjamin. :)

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