Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Living room and Control Issues

Well it's a New Year and I have been busy cleaning, organizing and decorating my living room! My Mom made the above Love sign. I think it's really cute! My SIL gave me the Peacock picture to match my curtains. As well as the super cool pillows! I'm currently on a pillow hunt to find two more for my big couch.

I also got one of my lamps for Christmas!! I was sooo excited! Look how perfectly they match my curtains!! I'm hoping Gordman's has one more of them so I can have matching ones. Apparently these were a hot item in Iowa!

This week i'm fully back into my normal teaching schedule. I'm also starting two new students this week bringing me up to 23 students total! Still have some open slots left that I'm hoping to fill. I'm so in awe of how God has provided! I can't believe I have 23 students! It's seriously the most fun I've ever had! 

I was thinking today about how God has knit together this season of my life and everything about it. I am in the perfect place with my home, it's off of main roads where people can easily find my townhouse for lessons. 

I think about how frustrated i got with all the other homes that I looked at and wanted, and all along God knew this would be the perfect place for me. Not only with Piano lessons, but it's super close to my pt job, very close to the interstate so I can go home to the Farm easier, and it's also less than 5 minutes away from my new church. 

A year ago I would have never thought or dreamed of any of this, but my Lord did! He knew exactly what I would need and where. 

I don't know why I get so caught up in trying to plan and control and think I need to have everything in my life MY way, because clearly I know better. It only creates heartache and stress. How different life would be if we would freely give up our plans and thoughts to the Lord who orders our lives!

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Jena said...

Being a control freak and planner is one of my biggest struggles.

It's awesome how God is working in your life!!