Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 I am desperately trying to liven up my wardrobe a little bit and quit wearing the same thing over and over. I'm also trying to wear my jewelry more. I love jewelry and have some pretty things but I just always forget to put them on! So I decided I would join in on the WWIW and try to be a little bit more daring!

This outfit is from last weds, I had lunch with Audie at Firehouse subs!
 I'm trying to mix colors and patterns as well. Can you tell?
 Here we have Monday's outfit. I'm still not sure if this "worked" or not, but at least I tried! Leggings with a short skirt, white top, jean jacket and my comfy boots. Looking back at this i should have put on a necklace! It was also super windy that day and I had to go out so I knew the hair had to go up. I look a little bald in the upper picture but i promise you it was cute in person!
I got a mini bump and was so proud of myself!

So here we have it! Be sure to stay tuned for future fashion disasters/wins!

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