Friday, March 8, 2013

Birthday Dinner At Olive Garden!

 So every year for the past 13 years I have been going to Olive Garden for a Birthday Dinner Celebration with friends! I started when I was away in Florida at College and have continued into my adult years! It's no secret that I *LOVE* me some OG. So much that my friends that don't live here ask me when I'm going there for my birthday! This year we went a week after since I was sick, and I had the BEST time!!! Above is me and Bunny (the only Bunny I like!) with what the waiter gave me. He stuck a candle into one of their mints and lit it! So cute!!
 I heart my Jboz. I have missed her and Bunny! I normally don't see them unless it's a holiday celebration, somehow I've weaseled my way into the Boz familys shindigs :) or if I'm at my Dr's office, as Jboz works in the Peds thats connect to my drs so i always visit her when i'm there! one stop shop! Another reason I love Bunny and Jboz, other their their sweetness and hilarity of course, is that they are MY HEIGHT!! Finally some friends that aren't short!! Hallelujah!
 Me and my Emboz. Bless her heart she is on the South Beach diet and can't eat anything fun, yet she went to Firehouse with me on my BDay and came tonight. That is a true friend!!!
 My Beautiful Audra! I think this is the best picture we have ever taken! So much that I have allready sent it to Walgreens to be printed out into a 4 by 6 to go into one of my new frames!
 Sweet Audra gave me this springy wreath! I have been wanting one for my door, I still have my heart up from valentines day! I'm excited to hang this up tomorrow!!
My Girls. Such a FUN group of girls! I think I have the funniest friends of anyone out there! And the prettiest too if I do say so myself! Grateful for them and their friendship and them celebrating with me!

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