Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hairs Cut!

 Tuesday the fabulous Bryna came over and CUT my hair! YAY!!! I was soooo ready! She cut an inch off of the front and 6!!!! inches off of the back! She gave me a stacked bob! Its a little shorter than what I planned on but I REALLY like it!! It gets cuter each day!
She also cut me some bangs which I have been enjoying! Playing around with some on each side, and then just on side side today. What I love the most is how EASY it is to style and dry everyday!! It was taking me over 20 mins just to dry and style my hair before, because I have massively thick hair. Now it takes about 2 minutes! I love it!! It's soooo much lighter, I'm not hot like I used to be covered in hair! And it feels so sassy!! She also put some cute blonde highlights in as well! Another job well done!!

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