Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life around these parts..

So it's been an off sort of a week around here.

Monday during my second lesson of the afternoon I was struck with sickness out of nowhere. That wasn't embarrassing at all. I spent the remainder of my afternoon/evening trying not to get sick again and figure out what was wrong with me! I really thought maybe I had food poisoning as I had eaten not too long before I got sick. But Tuesday I was still feeling sick, and was very tired and achy. So I spent Tuesday on my couch and in my bed.

Apparently I am not the only one this is hitting as some of my students today have cancelled due to sickness. I am very much looking forward to summer and not having so many germs around. It's been a rough winter for sicknesses.

I'm still adjusting to life as a Piano Teacher full time. My schedule changes somewhat each week, with missed lessons and make up lessons, and people moving their spots. So I don't really have a standard week per say.

I'm really excited about spring and summer coming and being able to go outside and enjoy the weather, now that I'm not stuck in an office and actually have free time!

It's so weird having free time. Like this afternoon, I have a 4 hour break in between students, so I watched a movie on Netflix. I hardly ever watch movies, much less during the day! It's kind of weird but it's also kind of nice!

I've learned that I really like grocery shopping and just walking around Target during the day. There aren't tons of people there, and those who are there are SAHM's and their kids. It's nice not having to compete with the after work crowd for groceries.

I'm still getting used to the wardrobe change as well. After 6+ years of full time office work I had little to no casual clothing. Don't even get me started on the lack of shorts and warm weather clothes. So i'm trying to get some casual clothing and re-figure out my style now that I'm in a casual setting.

Last week I got 3 colored t-shirts at Target and it was the first time i've bought t-shirts like that in probably 8 years? I still don't have enough jeans for the week. Still trying to work on that.

It's a fun change, but it's definitely a change!

My church is doing a 21 day no complaining challenge. It was very difficult at first, re-learning how to talk without complaining! I have learned alot about myself and what I struggle with. However, I am really seeing the rewards of not complaining! I have a much better attitude, even while driving! In the interest of being honest, Tuesday night I did complain because I was sick.

It's been interesting to see how many people use social media to complain! Especially with our weather situation. It's Indiana in March. Anything can happen! Last week it was in the 60's, and now on Sunday-Monday we're getting several inches of snow. For some reason I think this is absolutely hilarious! It just cracks me up! Winter will not last forever, it will be warm soon and then people will complain about it being too hot. So I am just going to try and enjoy every day that God gives us, and find something good about it to be grateful for!

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