Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Facts about me

1. Several years ago I submitted a story to Dr Phil ( about someone who had scammed me) and was interviewed by one of his producers to be a potential guest. Alas, my entire family is the opposite of me, and super private, so no Dr Phil. :(

2. I love Dr Phil. He is the only thing I miss about having live television. I used to dvr his show every single day. I wish I could buy DVD's of his seasons!

3. I am thrilled to finally go back to my night owl self. I hit bed between 11-midnight each night now!

4. This might just be 3 facts about me. I can't think of anything else!

5. I am obsessed with this punch my mom made for my birthday. A can of pineapple juice, a packet of crystal light pink lemonade, and 7-up. I think I've consumed more pineapple juice in the past 3-4 weeks than I have in my 31 years of life.

6. I have filled out stuff lately that has made me check the 30-34 age box. It pains me.

7.  Every year or so I go completely through my clothes and get rid of tons. Stuff I haven't worn. Stuff I don't  like. Stuff that doesn't fit. Ok I do it more than that, maybe every 6 months. I get a thrill out of a clean closet, and getting rid of stuff.

8. I started watching Damages on Netflix this weekend. The first season was interesting. The second is just weird. And I still can't get over how easily people have other people killed!!

9. I left my phone upstairs by accident for 2 hours and I was too lazy to walk back upstairs to retrieve it. The entire time it was upstairs however I kept reaching for my phone to text things.

10. This was a really boring list.

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Marii said...

LOL. I can relate with #9. I have been wearing glasses since forever. I recently got contacts and I still feel like I am wearing glasses and I go and push them up when I don't have them anymore. It's embarrassing when I'm in public even if nobody notices it.