Wednesday, March 6, 2013

wwiw-The Struggling Edition

 I only have a few outfits this week, as most of my time has been spent in my pjs on the couch battling the fever virus my student gave to me. Here I am Monday. I had planned to teach that afternoon, as my fever had been down in the am, but after showering and getting ready I was wiped out and my fever was up again.  I did manage to teach my late evening lesson by the grace of God and lots of medicine!!
 Here I am Tuesday. We are in the midst of a Winter Storm and I celebrated the fact that I'm a Piano teacher and don't have to go out in nasty weather by wearing my new favorite skirt! I would like to say that in real life the sweater matched the skirt perfectly. But in pictures in appears pink. I swear it's not.
I told my friends I felt like Punky Brewster. I was proud of myself for mixing patterns, my shirt is actually white with small black polka dots. And adding a turquoise necklace instead of the matching purple one I had picked out. Not totally sure if it worked, but at least I tried! And yes, I'm aware I was having a bad hair day. Not too long after these pics the hair went up into a pony tail.

I taught for an hour and a half straight and in that time 1.9 inches of snow fell!! Because I had one more piano student for the night, I decided to clean off my porch and my neighbors (we share it) with my ice scraper for my truck. I'm such a nice neighbor:)

 And here we are today. I'm having an egregious hair day and I have no eye liner on. Be glad i'm not in my sweats!!!
I'm not really sure whats going on with my foot here. I guess this is what happens when you change the side that you put your hand on your hip and pop your leg! Bless my heart.

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