Wednesday, March 13, 2013


So here we have Thursday's look. Thursday was a day full of running around and errands. I went casual with an old navy t, a blue t shirt scarf my mom made me, jeans, and my fake uggs.

I remembered while running around why I hate wearing socks and shoes! I got SO HOT! I felt like I was burning up! First thing I did upon arriving back home was TAKE OFF THE SHOES AND SOCKS!!

One of my errands was exchanging a pair of jeans at Old Navy, and much to my distaste that involved trying several pairs of jeans on. What I learned. I am not made for skinny jeans. And, trying on said skinny jeans also makes you very hot. It does not help if you do not have good coordination to start with. Yes, I fell down in the dressing room. It wasn't pretty. Neither was my hair after I got done. I was so hot from the jeans experience that I put it up into a pony tail and looked pretty egregious by the time I arrived home. So I did what I do only maybe 3 times a year. I straightened my hair. I figured I was allready hot and sweaty, might as well straighten my hair! I couldn't believe how long it was. I'm getting it cut on Tuesday so it was a nice final shebang!

Friday was my Birthday Party dinner, I wore my new old navy jeans that i sweated for and a new old navy top i had bought several weeks ago for my party! I felt like such a cool blogger when i figured out a rig for my camera outside. I'm sure the neighbors wondered what I was doing out there but hey. Yes that is snow on the ground. We got 5 inches on Tuesday and by Friday it was in the 40's and melting. On Sunday we hit 70. Welcome to Indiana!!

 Here we are Monday. I tried a look from a great blog I found of a worship leader in Cali. She rolls of her pants to give them a new look and rolls up her cardigans and sleeves as well. I thought it made my outfit look a bit more interesting. I wish I had a different cardi other than the white one but it worked.
It was a wee bit chilly outside that day! I would say more but my church is doing a 21 day no complaining challenge! and it's a CHALLENGE!!!

I have no outfit pics from Tuesday as I wore my old school Drew Brees Purdue Jersey and leggings. :) Stay tuned for my haircut transformation!

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