Sunday, April 28, 2013

Makeup-Skin-Makeup Forever

The absurdity of me blogging about my makeup routine is not lost upon me, especially since I could not for the life of me get my eyeliner on straight this morning!

Around the age of 29 I began to realize my skin was changing. I never had many breakouts as a teen and was blessed with good skin. For many years, prolly around 10 or so, I only used Cover Girl Powder as my foundation. When I was at PCC and wearing heavy makeup to be on stage I would use the Liquid Foundation that went with it, to spackle it all on. But in my normal days I would only use powder.

This continued for years upon years until, like I said I began to notice a change in my skin. I vividly remember looking at pictures of me and my friend April when we got together in Iowa over Thanksgiving and realizing that my skin looked diseased! Clearly my powder was not cutting it. I have now also developed a very uneven skin tone.

Complicating these matters is the fact that I have a VERY VERY Oily nose, and forehead. My chin isn't too bad, but my nose is an oil factory. Late last summer I decided I needed to do SOMETHING and started trying different kinds of drugstore foundations and powder. It was clear to me I needed both, foundation for the coverage and powder to help with the oil. I bought bottle after bottle and nothing worked. My nose would get even more oily with the makeup, and I developed horrible break outs. I remember one day I tried Revlon and put my hand on my face in the late morning and the makeup literally slid off of my face into my hand. It.was.disgusting.

Around that time I started working pt around some cosmetology girls and was introduced to Sephora.I thought it was neat, but I really didn't want to spend alot of money. I had been used to buying makeup at CVS and doing their beauty club. But after trying every brand there and not having any success I decided that I might need a higher end of makeup to fix my problems.

Still being thrifty I didn't want to spend more money on something I didn't know if I would like, so I did a LOT of research. I read some beauty bloggers whose makeup i liked, such as PinkLouLou. I read her makeup routine and then read all of the reviews on the foundation she recommended.

I finally made my choice and bought Makeup Forever's Mat Velvet Foundation. I wear #15

Some of you right now are dying over the price. I did too. BUT here's the thing. When they say a little goes a long way with this product, they mean it! My first bottle lasted 5 1/2 months.  Which means I paid about 6.45 a month for it. I spent way more than that with all the drugstore products I bought, than with this product that WORKS! No more oily nose, no more uneven skin tone, my skin looks amazing in pictures now!

I pair the foundation with the Duo Mat Powder Foundation- I wear 200

This doesn't last as long, but usually for me at least 3 1/2 months.

Finally, I finish up with what I can only describe as MIRACULOUS for my skin, HD Microfinish Powder.

This stuff rocks my socks off! It's a translucent powder that sets your makeup. I've found that when I don't use this, my nose will get a little oily, especially on the sides, but with this powder it really sets it and gives me that Matte finish, no oil, beautiful looking skin! You have to be careful how much you apply or else you can look a little ghost like.

So those are my skin pics for makeup. My advice to you if you are thinking of buying non drugstore makeup is to research and test if at all possible! We don't have a Sephora here so I had to purchase online. I'm not sure about their return policy but Sephora's customer service is really outstanding! the one time I had to call I only waited 30 seconds to speak with a live person!

My other advise is to sign up for a service such as Birchbox. You get high end samples (and usually at least one full sized item) per month. It's an easy and fun! way to test out different makeup and hair products without having to spend much money. If you want to join follow my link so I can get points for it! Oh yes, you get points for every purchase and once you receive your box you can give a review of the products you got, usually takes 1-2 minutes. And you get 10 points per review! 100 points means 10.00 off! Sweet!

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Sarah said...

I'll definitely be checking some of these out. I, too, have a VERY oily forehead and nose and it bugs me so much when I shine in pictures!

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