Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It's funny how my routine has changed drastically this year.

For the past 9 years of working in an office I would get up super early, immediately get in the shower, and get ready. Then go to my living room and get online, until 10 mins before I needed to leave when I would have breakfast. Normally I would get up a little over an hour before I needed to leave. I hate spending alot of time getting ready in the morning especially when I could be sleeping!

Now I typically don't teach until 1 at the earliest, so I can sleep in, which helps since I have went back to being a night owl, which helps since I teach in the evenings.

However now I like to get up about 2 1/2 hours before I have to teach or go somewhere. Throw my glasses on and mosey downstairs where I get online and surf the net. Somehow along the way I've developed a habit of watching tv after surfing the net. So'll usually watch something on netflix while i eat my breakfast.

I finally go and shower and throw makeup on and make myself presentable. It's nice not having to rush anymore, but the funny thing is now that i'm not constantly staring at the clock making sure i'm on time while i do my makeup and hair, I'm actually faster at getting ready!

Even though my routine has changed the one thing that remains the same is how much I love A routine. Once I have one, I do the same thing every day, exactly in order. People often tease me if they are around me when I'm getting ready because day in and day out it's the same thing in a row.

I have to say, I am in LOVE with my new life and new routine! I'm looking forward to switching up just a little bit when summer comes. That's right, I'm hitting up the pool before I teach! :)

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TMCotterman said...

Routine- love it. Your routine sounds great with the extra time; nice and relaxed which is what I'd desire more of.