Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A very terrible, no good, bad day.

So I had a pretty terrible weekend. Friday night I had planned to drive home to the Farm to spend Mother's Day weekend with my parents. I had to teach Friday night, so that afternoon I decided to run out to the library and pick up some books I had placed on hold. I was envisioning sitting outside on the deck in their porch swing reading all weekend. It was a beautiful thought.

Alas, it did not happen.

As I was leaving the library, the light started turning and I pressed on my brakes to stop, and my foot went all the way to the floor board. I sailed straight through the red light, at a curve, and in front of 4 lanes of traffic. To say I was terrified is an understatement. I can honestly say it is only because of God that I am alive now. I should have been in a big accident, but he saved me.

I didn't know what to do, or how to stop. So I ended up coasting all of the way back to my townhouse. Only pressing on the gas when I had to go thru an intersection. I tried to keep at least 2 cars distance between me and the semi in front of me, but he still stopped without warning several times, and I really should have plowed right into the back of him. I stomped so hard on my brakes that my foot practically went thru the floor board. Again, I can say it was all because of God that I am alive and well. It took me over 45 mins to get back to my house. (It's usually a 10-15 minute drive)

By the time I got back safely I was shaking from head to toe and all I could do was Praise the Lord for keeping me safe. The whole ride home, and as I was sailing through that red light, all I did was pray. Rather loudly at times :), but I prayed non stop.

Once I got home and calmed down I called my Mom and later talked to my Dad when he got out of the field, and we discovered as you will see in the photo below, Brake Line-BROKEN! The big puddle was the brake fluid that I put into my truck it just dripped right out.

So Saturday morning I got up and Mom came to town to pick me up, and we called Triple A and my poor baby got towed.

See the huge puddle?

 And yes, I took pictures of the whole thing.
 The guy thought it was Mom's truck since she made it outside first when he arrived, so he had her get in it and turn the wheels as he lifted it up on the flat bed. I was highly amused.
 My poor baby. Ignore the slightly wacko look on my face, I was trying to look pathetic but my Mom was being funny so I'm squelching a laugh.
 All loaded up and headed home to the farm. Don't get too excited about my license plate, I got a new one that afternoon :)
 An hour later, home at last!!! My Uncle's wife was next door mowing the lawn and she almost ran into a pine tree when she saw my truck like this. hahah
Safe and sound.

Thankfully my Dad is a master mechanic, well mine at least! And he got my brakes fixed! The Brake Line was totally rusted through, to the point of barely even being there. So scary. I'm still a little nervous driving. I'm driving slightly like an old person, but I haven't gotten over the fear quite yet. I am still so thankful that God protected me, and also the other people on the road that I could have accidentally hurt. He is good.

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Jordy Liz said...

That is so scary! Sounds like you handled it well - much better than I would have at least!