Thursday, May 9, 2013


It seems like my life just gets busier and busier. Someone asked me yesterday how my week had been and I could barely remember what had went on! Thankfully today has been a lighter day on teaching, and no errands, so I was able to slow down a little bit.

I taught two lessons this morning and finished at 1:30. I had a wonderful plan to then spend my afternoon outside on my back patio, soaking up some sun, but not as I walked my student out the door I noticed the sun that was in the sky an hour and a half earlier was now gone. Within minutes I began to hear thunder. So that squashed my dreams of a suntan.

Instead I curled up on my couch, and enjoyed the cooler air coming through the windows as I listened to it rain, and watched  some Real Housewives.

While I was watching that the mail went, which is by far the  most exciting part of my day, not going to lie. I'm not exactly sure what I think is going to come in the mail, but I always get way more excited with anticipation than a normal person.

I had a box full of mail, and only ONE item was mine. I'm getting mail from previous tenets here. Which is weird because I have lived here for almost a year and never received mail for this couple, but all of the sudden I am getting tons of stuff. There are going to be alot oh HS and College Graduates in Minnesota who are disappointed that this couple did not attend their graduation parties.

Randomly, Monday morning I was in my master bath finishing my hair and makeup and someone was knocking on my door. I looked out my bedroom window and didn't recognize the truck so i ignored them but they kept knocking. I finally went downstairs and it was another old tenant whose Aunt had sent her a package to my address. One would think your Aunt would know that you moved but apparently not. Lucky for the lady the Post office had left me a slip to pick it up, so her package was at the post office. 

I know this is like the most interesting blog post ever.

But I decided I was putting too much pressure on myself to be a cool girl blogger. Everyone and their mother's brother has a blog and wants to do it to be famous or make money. I just want to write about my life.

I was looking at years past and it was so much fun to remember different things I had done with my friends, and read my writing. Unfortunately for everyone else, I realized that I really am stinking hilarious  just when i'm myself. I was laughing reading my writing and wit. Sooo even if no one else thinks i'm funny, which trust me, I tell jokes to my students and I will be sitting there laughing and they will be looking at me like i am nuts. #awkward

So end of point, I'm just going to blog whatever random stuff comes into my head, random things that i think about, stuff i do, and not feel like i have to keep a schedule or post about certain things. I'm just going to blog me.

But right now I need to figure out why there is a strange truck in my neighbors moped parking space, who just went up to his door. put something into his mailbox and then got back in his truck and is sitting there... weird. 

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