Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tales from the Piano Bench

For months now my bff has been telling me that I should keep track of all  the funny things that happen to me while I'm teaching. Tonight's hilarious little student sealed the deal! So without further adiue my new series-Tales from the Piano Bench!

I seriously have the best Piano Students! I was cranky this evening (forgot to have caffeine today!) and little E showed up, 5 years old and full of spunk. She is just hilarious!

We were playing the Piano Board game and one of her pieces was down very low in the Bass clef, which she thinks sounds creepy and scary, so I had told her that if she played the low notes loud I might have nightmares and have to sleep with my stuffed doggie.

So she moves her piece and hits another low bass note much louder than she intended, sweet little girl jumps, and looks apologetically up at the ceiling and whispers, "sorry doggie, I didn't mean to wake you up!"

I kind of feel like I should be paying her parents for the joy of spending 30 mins with her!

Earlier this week I was teaching a sweet little girl, who noticed this picture sitting on top 
of my Piano. She pointed to it and asked me what it was.
I said that was Miss Charity when she was a very little girl, a year and a half old, playing 
around on the Piano! She looks at it thoughtfully and then says:

"Hmm.. That explains why it looks SO old!!!!!"

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