Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Midweek Randoms

 Three posts in a week? Pictures? What is this nonsense?!!!
 Yesterday I was standing by the door waiting on a student, where I seem to spend half of my days, I looked in the mirror by my door to check my lipstick and caught a gimpse of red in the corner of my eye. I had to take this picture to get a better look. Apparently I had a broken blood vessel in my eye. I guess all of that laying around the couch in my pj's watching real housewives was too much for me.
 Monday I was pretty stoked to get a Free Frauppucino from Starbucks. Altho being used to drinking Venti, this Tall drink was like 3 sips. I live fairly close to Sbux and it was gone before I was home. #thirstygirl
Adrienne got me cooked on her Carmel Corn so I asked for the recipe and made some tonight! It's pretty good! Not sure if it's as good as hers, possibly because i left out the salt. #ihavenosaltinmyhouse #embozthinksimnuts but it was still very yummy!!

I had a free rental at Rebox so I watched Safe Harbor tonight. It was pretty slow starting. It finally got interesting near the end but it was kind of boring. Glad I got it for free as I don't think I would have wanted to pay for it.

Last but not least, I saw this picture on someone's blog and nearly died of excitement!! Imagine my surprise when I went on Pinterest and found there are TONS of shirts that say this!! I mean seriously, is this shirt me or what???????! I need one! or two.. or three......

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