Sunday, June 23, 2013

Other happenings..

Brace yourself for a hodgepodge of pics of the last few weeks! This is what happens when I don't blog as often as I should!
 A few weeks ago it was Sweet Sydney's 16'th Birthday! I had a present and a balloon for her! As well as a stationary bike! It was mine until I gave it to my Grams, now after surgery and during chemo she is not able to use it and wanted it out! I found out that Sydney bikes TONS as in like 12 miles a day outside tons, so I asked her if she would like a stationary bike! She jumped at the chance and I got it back from my Mom and gave it to her at the same time as her gifts!
 She was pretty excited!
Opening her gifts! She is such a sweet girl and such a blessing to me! She has a natural talent for music and I'm so excited to see how far she goes!
 This week I FINALLY made it to the pool! I have been wanting to go since it opened Memorial Day, but couldn't find my suit, and then every time I would get done with lessons and want to go it would be cloudy! Boo! Finally Thursday I was done early and it was still nice so I hopped over and stayed there for 2 hours! It was wonderful! So very relaxing and the sun felt so great! I haven't been able to be out in the sun without burning for over 6 years, thanks to some medicine I have been on. But I've finally been able to go off the medicine and now i am back to my normal non burning skin! I plan to take advantage of the pool as much as possible this summer!!

For awhile I was the only person at the pool! Wow! Talk about nice!! I got in the big pool and did some laps and then just floated on my back. That was such a beautiful moment i wanted to bottle it. Floating in the beautiful water, total silence, clouds slowly dancing through the sky. I never realized one could Worship in a swimming pool but at that moment that's what I was doing! It was just such a display of God's Handy work! 

Speaking of God's handiwork, he has been busy this week showing off!! I don't know why but I have always loved the sky right before a storm rolls in. To me it just show's God's power and strength. I don't know why but I love it. Every time I see a sky like this, I just stop and stare up at it and have a moment of worship. I often start singing "How Great thou art" because it just seems to fit the sky and moment so well! I'm thankful for those moments when I can just stop and look up at the sky and see God's creation and just be awed at his awesomeness!!!!

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