Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

Hold the fort and hold the phone! Not only am I doing my first ever Weekend Wrap-up but I'm blogging twice in a week for the first time in a looonnnggg time! Whoever said the Summer was a relaxed slow time was obviously not a Piano teacher! My summer schedule has been INSANE! Most days I barely know whether I am coming or going. Or WHO is coming and WHEN! Thankfully with my whiteboard and phone calendar I have not been caught unawares for any lessons. yet..

Fridays have become crazy days for me, and this is now the standard, but I had something I was very much looking forward to on friday! One of my students was set up at a garage sale with a little snack shop! I told her I would come over during a teaching break, so I did and got so many yummy treats!

I'm not sure who was more excited, me or her! As it was I should have bought all of their carmel corn it was sooo good! The pink lemonade, amish cookies, brownies and kettle corn weren't too shabby either!

I looked around while I was there and scored some great deals for my nephew and something for my SIL! I was pretty excited!

After that fun I made a quick stop at Meijer to pick up my 4 free bottles of Langers Juice that I had coupons for. I was pretty excited to find out they made Pineapple juice. My family has a punch drink recipe that we like to have which includes pineapple juice, so i got 3 bottles of it.

And then I came back home and taught until 8 pm.

I'm not sure if it was the teaching late or what but Friday night I was not tired AT ALL. I was still wide awake at midnight watching Major Crimes. I finally made myself go to bed at 1:30. And glory of glory Saturday morning I slept in! Well, I woke up early and then forced myself to go back to sleep. It was amazing not to have to set an alarm or get up and figure out how much time i had free before i needed to get ready to teach. I spent the entire day in my pj's reading, and watching Crossing Jordan. That evening I made some super yummy burgers on my george forman grill.. mmm mmmm MMMM!!!!

Sunday I was so happy to be back at my church! I have been at the Farm twice in the past month, and at a different church last week, so it was great to be back at my home church! After church I came home and had another one of my yummy hamburgers. I might have over done the fixins a bit...

Yet another way I am like my Dad :)

After lunch I got hit by the cleaning bug and vacuumed my entire downstairs. I even broke out the attachments and cleaned my couch, and one of the air vents that I saw, along with some baseboards. My Mom would be proud!

And now I plan on relaxing on my couch. I've got a killer headache for some reason. I actually saw my eye dr last Monday and found out that i was wearing too high of a prescription. So he lowered it a bit and that he tremendously helped with my having to squint to see things. (I thought I was going blind) it's helped with the headaches I've been getting as well, but not this one. Boo. 

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