Monday, July 1, 2013

Bits and Pieces..

 Pictures are out of order, but last week I got my hair trimmed and thinned, (THANK GOODNESS!!!) and while I was there Jda asked me if she could straighten it. I had the day off and nowhere to be so I said sure why not! I rarely straighten my hair because it takes SO long, and I am hot sweaty and sore by the time I'm done. And my hair will still not be completely straight!
 This was the straightest I have ever seen my hair in 31 years of life! And that is with the chemical hair straightening I did in college!!!! I did not recognize myself!
 When I got home from the salon I had a box of goodies from Sephora. Happy Day! I did not like the BB cream, so I returned it today. Love their free returns!! I got the waterproof of my new favorite mascara from Tarte, and a 3 mascara sample from Lancome! I was pretty geeked about that! I also got some spray tanner stuff which I have not yet tried. Stay tuned!

 Jda, the new master of my hair!!!!!!
I seriously did not recognize myself! one person told me it made me look MUCH younger. I'm not entirely sure how old she thought I was. It was a nice change for something different. And it stayed straight the next day as well! I am back to curly now though! :)

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Katie said...

I like the straight hair! Looks great...from one curly haired girl to another :)

Have you tried the BB face stuff from Revlon? I bought it the other day, and I really like its cheap! I think it is called photo finish or something like that :)