Monday, July 8, 2013

Goodbye, My Friend

Dear Sue

When I found out that you were sick I wanted to write you a note to tell you what a huge impact you have had on my life. I didn't know how much time you had left on this earth and felt silly doing it then. Now I have waited too long to tell you, but I am still writing this letter so that your husband and family can know what a wonderful person that you were to me and how much I truly loved you!

I struggled finding a word that would fit the place and role that you have played in my life. Friend seemed to not convey the closeness that we have had. To me, and to my family, you have always been family to us. It’s a known fact that when our family had exciting news we would always compete to see who could reach you first, because we all wanted to be the one to tell you!  I usually won out since I live here in town and could call you in the morning at work, but I will tell you that my Mom and Dad, particularly my Dad! Always gave me a run for my money! Whenever anything worth telling happened in my life you were always in the top two people that I couldn't wait to share it with.

You have been my champion, my cheerleader, my support and my prayer warrior through so many things in my life, and I thank you for that. You truly have been so special to me and I have cherished the relationship that we have had. As much as I could I would try to schedule my apts at Dr R’s at a time when I could come a little early and not have plans right afterwards, because I always wanted to chat and catch up with you.  I will miss that so much!

I think most of all I will miss your laugh. It took over your entire body. I can hear it now as I picture you in my mind. Your head would always lean back and your eyes would almost close in glee as you laughed this adorable laugh, your feet, which were pretty much never touching the floor, would often click together, and you would alternate clapping your hands or tapping your fingers together. At the very end of your laugh, especially if you were really laughing and couldn't stop, you would have this end laugh that went a little like "ohh hooo hooooo". I think it was because you were laughing so hard that you couldn't catch your breath! It was infectious, and if I was in a bad mood, just seeing you laugh and the way it took over your whole body, could instantly put me in a better mood.

You really have been like family to me. You know that we have an extremely small family, since my Dad’s side is not saved and does not speak to us. You and Dr R have honestly filled that spot of family to me. I’ve known you both as long as I can remember, and count you as important and loved people in my life. I have seen you two more often than most of my friends! People think I’m strange when I have said that I had a Dr apt and was excited and leaving early for it so I could talk to my friends. But that’s what you are, my friends, my family.

Mostly I am thankful for your Godly influence on my life. I strayed away from God for awhile and I know for a fact that you were praying for me the entire time. You have been such a prayer warrior for me, for whatever problems or struggles I was having, I was always able to share them with you and you prayed for me, and you always gave me very Godly advice. I so appreciate that. To you, your job wasn't a job, it was a ministry, and that had a huge effect on me. Not just for your ministry to me, but I have tried to model myself after that in my jobs and now as I own my own business teaching Piano. I am trying to put in practice what you lived, that your job and life is a Ministry and should point people to Christ. You were a wonderful friend Sue, and you pointed me to Christ in everything you did.

Well done thy good and faithful servant.

I will see you in Heaven soon my friend.

With Love


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lori said...

such a sweet letter... but so sorry for your loss!