Friday, July 26, 2013

Life in Phone Pics

 Can I just say how much I appreciate the fact that my new phone takes so much better pictures than my old one?! I have been using my phone for almost all of my pics! And bonus, no purple hair!

Above is a new dessert I made. A Smores Cookie Bar. It was yummy. I had some and then realized I would eat the entire thing if I kept it. So I gave 90% of it away to my students.

This just cracked me up. Last weekend when I was elevating my feet I obviously had the lights off and yet my toes were so neon pink that you could still see them in the darkness!
 My toes weren't the only thing pink on my body. My sunburn was of an epic proportion. now it has started to peel. Everywhere. Even my arms. yuck. I'll spare you from that! Oh well, at least my hair looked cute here!
 Yes, I am really showing you a picture of my cabinet. Last night I decided to totally move all but one of my cabinets. Erm. or rather the insides of them. My dishes and glasses used to be in the picture above, right by my sink. however I was tired of having food items in 3 different cabinets. So I moved the dishes and put all of my food together! It looks messy but it's quite organized and categorized.
 This is where part of my food was. Right beside the fridge and stove. I like having the glasses over here now as It's super easy to get them out for water!
 No, today is not Pink Weds but I was feelin the pink clearly! My downstairs bath has several new crafts my Mom made to jazz up the decorations. She made the nail polish holder (and yes i have more polish than that!) and yesterday brought the colored flowers.
Colored flowers and nail polish holder. My Mom is SO crafty! She re purposed all of these items to create something new!

I need to take pictures of the items she has painted for my living room! Stay tuned!

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